What is the purpose of a Youth Advisory Board?

Leaders and staff among Ohio Healthy Transitions Project (OHTP) believe that a Youth Advisory Board is necessary in order to fulfill OHTP’s mission and continue serving young people.

  • Participating in OHTP’s Youth Advisory Board will help youth cultivate leadership skills, build a network & social capital, as well as look great on their resume!

What does a YAB do?

Level Up's YAB will serve to advise OHTP workgroup members and leadership.

Some activities may include:

  • Cultivation of a non-judgmental community of acceptance
  • Advocacy
  • Participating in meetings, events, or youth panels
  • Hosting events for the greater community
  • Attending or facilitating trainings
  • Presenting findings via presentations or workshops

How do I know if I or someone I know qualify?

We encourage all young adults to see if they qualify. We are looking for young people whom:

  • Reside in Cuyahoga or Lorain Counties
  • Are between or around the ages of transition: 16-25
  • Have experience or know someone with mental health or co-occurring developmental disabilities

How do I join?

Contact an OHTP representative if you think our YAB is a good fit for you. You must formally sign up to be an official member of our YAB.

Feel free to contact Makayla Lang about becoming  a member:

@ 216.232.6013 or langm@wingspancg.org 



Here’s some general information about the YAB:

What is a youth advisory council?

Young adult advisory councils are groups of like-minded young adults who come together on a consistent basis to share resources and advise organizations on how to better serve and support young people.

  1. By incorporating young adult expertise into the design and delivery of mental health services, these councils provide direct feedback on how to improve services and make them more relevant to young adult culture.
  2. These steps are based on the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research’s own experience with creating a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). Read the article itself here: https://escholarship.umassmed.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1125&context=pib
  1. Why should organizations have youth advisory councils?
    1. Educate providers on how to better engage and retain young adults in services
    2. Ensure services are young adult friendly
    3. Give young adults an ongoing opportunity to flex their leadership and advocacy skills
  2. When will the council be meeting?
    1. Currently, there has not been a meeting in-person.
    2. Due to the current climate, we will begin meetings virtually and plan accordingly.
  3. How will I get to and from the meetings, once they are in person?
    1. Meeting locations will be determined with respect to everyone’s locations and access to transportation
    2. Meeting locations can be changed if necessary
    3. Sometimes we may host a meeting at an event, or table an event, and all members should be aware of this