Taking care of yourself, inside and out.

Crisis Text Line : Text the keyword “4hope” to 741 741 to be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor within 5 minutes.

Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand; sometimes it’s hard to have one without the other. For young adults just starting out on their own, wellness is especially important. Without being in good health or having a healthy state of mind, you may struggle to accomplish other things, like getting a job, renting an apartment or buying that car you’ve had your eye on.

Ohio Healthy Transitions Project Navigators can help you find the right mental and physical healthcare services to meet your specific needs so you can be ready to achieve your personal goals along the road to adulthood. For information on how to sign up, call 216.320.6404, or email/text LevelUp@wingspancg.org.

The good news: You are in charge! The bad news: You are in charge!

Eating nachos for dinner, sleeping until noon and watching YouTube all day might seem like a good idea when you’re living on your own, but let’s be real. Just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD. Being in charge of your health and taking care of yourself is an incredible opportunity for you to control how you look and feel on the inside and out. One of the first steps is to find out about all of the amazing resources and services that are out there to help you be your best you – many of which are free!

Food Accessibility
Diet & Nutrition
Staying healthy at home
  • A lot of services are covered for low-income households through Medicaid
  • Types of Medicaid: Caresource, Buckeye, Molina, AETNA, Paramount, United Health
  • Do your research!
    • All hospitals have their specialty (i.e. Metro’s specialty is trauma)
    • Research your local and county health departments
    • Check with local hospitals, grocery stores, and drug stores for free screenings, shots, and other services
Routine care
Managing chronic health issues
  • Know where and How to Access Your Medical Records
  • Make sure you have the necessary tools and medications
  • Important: Stay on treatable care
  • Don’t give up if you don’t get the care you need!
    • Establish a trusting relationship with your doctor/provider
    • Ask questions about what you’re unfamiliar with
  • Understand your illness using the CDC's Diseases & Conditions Index
Medication management
ER vs Urgent Care vs Primary Care Physician
  • Primary Care is used for regular check-ups & follow-ups
  • ER and Urgent Care is used for Immediate Urgent Situations
    • Follow-up with your primary care physician or specialty care doctor
  • Benefits of having a primary care provider/doctor
    • If you receive care in the same entity (i.e. Cleveland Clinic, MyChart) all of your providers have access to your records
    • Remember to discuss medical history with your physician
  • When to Go See a Specialist
    • You will receive a referral from your doctor to make an appointment
    • Ask questions to understand what treatment you are getting & why
Medical Insurance
  • Utilize the Insurance Marketplace for finding and Getting Insurance
  • Obtaining files and your electronic health record from providers
    • HIPAA allows you to keep your health information private
    • It’s important to Know Your Rights
    • Parents must have consent to view your health information after you turn 18; otherwise, they have to get access from the state
  • Deductibles & Premiums
    • Research what doctors are in-network with your insurance so you can minimize the amount you have to pay
    • Co-pay is a flat fee you pay for each doctor’s visit that covers your portion of the visit (It’s typically less than $30)
  • What to Do If You Don't Have Health Insurance
  • Hospitals and clinics by location
    • Clinic social workers will help you apply for specific insurances
    • Cuyahoga: Free Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, St. Vincent
    • Lorain: Lorain County Free Clinic, Elyria Memorial, St. Joseph’s, Jacobs Health Center, St. John Westshore
    • Cuyahoga and Lorain: MetroHealth

Crisis Text Line

Text the keyword “4hope” to 741 741 to be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor within 5 minutes.


  • Your physical health and mental thoughts can be key signs of mental stress/illness - don’t just chalk it up to being “tired”
  • Take an online screening, do your research, and make an appointment
Get Help
Mental health medication and psychiatry
Substance Use
  • Employers drug test!
  • Learn about What is Addiction? to understand why it is more common than you think
    • Pain killers, alcohol, tobacco, and many other substances are highly addictive and can be accessed easily
    • Genetics also plays a large role in the frequency of addiction
  • Getting “hooked” on tobacco can be avoided
    • Although it’s legal, Tobacco Use has long term effects
    • Through Vaping, nicotine addiction has skyrocketed in the past 10 years and you don’t want to be part of that statistic
  • Alcohol & Drug Use can turn into a disease
    • Long term effects impact both your physical and mental health
    • This can lead to violence and/or loss of control
    • Prescription painkillers/opioids can be very dangerous, which is why you must inform your doctors of what you can’t take due to addictions
  • Societal Impact
    • Binge drinking and drug abuse can lead to DUIs, fallouts with the people close to you, and many more negative effects
    • Here are some Substance Abuse Statistics
Peer support
  • Hey I’m Here, a youth-led community engaged in changing the conversation when it comes to mental wellness
  • Types of peer support: parents, youth and young adults, sponsors, etc.
    • There’s a multitude of peer Support Groups for different circumstances
  • Why is Peer Support Beneficial? - It builds trust & gives you a source of strength
Suicide Prevention
  • If you are in crisis, call 9-1-1 immediately
  • You matter! It’s okay to not be okay and to seek help
    • Hospitals can admit you into an inpatient facility to get help
    • The Suicide Hotline Number, 800-273-8255, is available 24/7
    • LifeAct - Lifesaving suicide prevention programs for young people
  • Suicide Prevention and Education Resources
  • Find Positive Outlets for self-care
  • Have someone to talk to, if possible
  • What to do if you receive a call from someone who’s suicidal
    • Don’t: Make judgments, minimize the problem, or dismiss actions
    • Do: Keep them on the line, talk openly, and call 9-1-1
  • The NG911 Text Number allows you to send more than an outgoing call to local professionals
How to receive transportation for appointments
  • Some insurances provide transportation
  • Some Hospitals and clinics provide transportation
  • Prescription deliveries can be set up at any time
  • The RTA Healthcare Line runs through Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital Main Campuses

The Importance of Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical well-being. Check out the video below for advice on the importance of self-care.

Health Routine Checklist