Skills for everyday life.

We all should be prepared for what comes along with adulthood. And let’s be honest, basic “adulting” skills are typically not taught in a classroom. Somehow you’re just supposed to know when to change the battery on your smoke detector or how to put air in your tires. Don’t worry – we’re here to provide keys to everyday skills for the random things life throws your way!

Ohio Healthy Transitions Project Navigators can help you find the right life skill resources to meet your specific needs so you can be ready to achieve your personal goals along the road to adulthood. For information on how to sign up, call 216.320.6404, or email/text
Ohio Based Resources
Being the new guy can be overwhelming
Be a part of something greater

Interacting with Adults Made Easy

Sometimes it can be hard to connect and interact with people older than you. Find out tips and tricks to make talking with adults easy.

Standing Up for Yourself

Some call it self-advocacy; others call it knowing your worth. Check out this advice from young adults who stood up for themselves when faced with adversity.

The Perks of Mentorship

Having a guiding light can make even the hardest parts of adulthood a little bit easier. Take a listen to how having a mentor helped these individuals succeed.

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