Channel your energy and turn it into a new job.

Whether you're searching for your first job, or looking to Level Up your current position, Ohio Healthy Transitions Project Navigators can help you find the resources you need to land a job that's right for you! For information on how to sign up, call 216.320.6404, or email/text

Check out this Tip Sheet, WIOA: New Law Helps Youth & Young Adults Get Jobs – What Families Need to Know, along with the other resources below to help get you started. 

Workforce Programs
Job Search & Application
Networking Opportunities
  • Recreation/Activities/Volunteer opportunities- free events, discounted memberships, clubs, drop-in centers
  • Fellowships
  • Spirituality services and events
Important Documents to Have
  • How to obtain your important documents.
    • Social Security Number/Card & Birth Certificate
    • Diplomas/Degree
      • Contact your school’s Office of Admissions or your county’s Board of Education
    • Ohio BMV
    • Keeping and taking care of documents you will need for employment
      • Find a safe place to store documents
        • Fireproof box, folders, and a safe are all good ways to store these important documents
Dress Code & Interview Prep
  • Tips and tricks: presenting yourself for an interview
  • Sample interview questions and mock interviews
  • YouTube video examples
  • Social Media etiquette (Digital Footprint)
    • Potential staff can screen your social media pages prior to an interview.
    • What you post can be brought up in an interview.
    • Keep Usernames and Avatars in mind when applying for jobs.
    • Update your privacy settings so that you can limit who can view your accounts.
Workplace Etiquette
  • Know the social skills to survive in the workplace environment.
    • One of the most important things to keep in mind in the workplace is that respecting the individuals around you will help create a better atmosphere.
  • How to Maintain Employment
  • Workplace Hierarchy/Relationships
    • There are different levels of work relationships in every job.
    • Each employer allows different relationships amongst co-workers. Some promote interaction throughout the day and others are against it.
    • Know how to interact with co-workers who are your actual friends inside of the office
Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Check your company’s HIPPA guideline and confidentiality rules
  • Documents on computer screen or desk
  • This information will be supplied by your employer
  • Summary of Performance (students with IEP)
  • Presenting Strengths and Thoughts respectfully
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Learn your best way to learn (visual, verbal, kinesthetic, what time of day you perform best)
  • Read through your employee handbook
  • Workplace Boundaries
    • Knowing when, what and how to share information
    • Know how to respect one’s space
Know Your Rights
Job Searching & COVID
Applying for Unemployment
  • When to utilize unemployment
    • When you’ve lost a job
  • What you need to do to keep unemployment
    • Will need to provide documentation that you’ve been “let go” from job
    • Employer has the ability to challenge unemployment
    • Have to show that you are actively looking for employment
    • Check-ins with unemployment counselor

Understanding the Workplace

Whether it’s your first job or just a new one, every workplace has its own etiquette to understand. Find out how to make the transition a bit smoother.

Interview Preparation Checklist