Moving out and moving forward.

Finding the right space to call your own is an exciting milestone for young adults. But figuring out where you want to live, how much you can afford to pay, and where to look for help can seem overwhelming.

Ohio Healthy Transitions Project Navigators can help you find the resources you need to find your own place and maintain stable housing. For information on how to sign up, call 216.320.6404, or email/text

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Finding a home
  • Know where you’re looking to live in & who you’re looking to live with
  • Looking for a Home can be difficult, so make sure to do your research
    • Things to keep in mind when looking for a home: location, pricing, amenities, etc.
    • Make sure you are getting what you paid for!
  • Review the Documents Needed to Secure Housing
  • You have to put down a security deposit for the space first
    • Consult with your bank to ensure that you are financially sound to buy/rent a place
Housing collabs
  • Living with roommates requires boundaries
    • Create rules regarding daily living activities such as chores, practice respect and mutual understanding, and keep in mind familial and cultural differences
    • Communication is key!
  • Types of shared living arrangements:
  • Different renting circumstances
    • Explore your Lease Options to find what’s right for you
    • The people who you sign with should be people you trust to make payments on time and have their responsibilities in order
    • Learn more about In-Law Suites and their benefits
Guide to leasing/owning a home
  • Understand a budget for your utilities
  • Understand what you have to pay (i.e. Have a worker come out to read the meter)
  • Understand what you’re exactly paying for (i.e. Call the utility company to explain what you’re paying for)
  • Maintaining good credit is important for landlords and banks to see
  • How to Set Up Utilities
    • Request for service to be turned on prior to your move in date
Ways to pay utilities
Renter’s Insurance
Temporary Housing: Shelters
  • There is no shame in staying in a shelter to get back on your feet
  • Apply for government Food Assistance or go to your local food pantry for resources
  • Check out the Ohio First Buyer Home Programs to determine if you qualify
  • CMHA offers financial assistance to home renters
    • Low rent & income-based, making it possible to save for another need such as a car or home
  • Two useful resources for housing assistance:
    • EDEN Inc.: provides temporary or permanent housing solutions
    • Section 8: helps you find rentals that you can afford
Furniture and Appliances
  • Don’t let the exterminator upcharge you! Do your research
  • When owning a home, have a reliable exterminator
  • When renting a home, some apartments will exterminate per your leasing agreement
  • Try to find the source where critters are
  • Warranties provide replacement or repair of an item or appliance that you bought for a limited time
    • Inquire about warranties that come with the product upon purchase
  • Is the extended warranty necessary? – probably not
  • Understand the financial application of the warranty: read the fine print

What They Don’t Tell You About Housing and Budgeting

Life does not come with instructions, so knowing how to manage your home and finances can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, we’ve been there before and have some tips and tricks to running your household.

Housing Basics Checklist